Nailing Baseboard Panel With a Nailer Instead of Hammer

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The baseboard panel is essentially part of wood or plastic, which is really set in the middle of the splitter base and the floor to ensure damage to the splitter structure as if there were scratches on the divider. In the business zone, plastic panels are usually used for perfect appearance, wooden panels are used in residential buildings. For the introduction of the plate, the nailer can be the ideal device for carrying the plate against the divider instead of the traditional hammer and pins, I tried that and most importantly I succeed.

What I need:

  1. · A finish nail gun
  2. · Nails (depends on the thickness of the baseboard)
  3. · Tape measure
  4. · Pencil
  5. · Baseboard
  6. · Coping saw
  7. · Wood glue
  8. · Wood Filler
  9. · Safety glass and gloves


Steps I Follow:

1. Measure the baseboard

2. Cut the baseboard

3. Using wood glue

4. Prepare your gun

5. Just nailed it

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