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Introduction: Name Carved on Wood

Wood working is a very good hobby which gives lot of ideas to create new designs and good relaxation over regular office work.

My first experiment in the world of wood, with little knowledge on powered and manual wood working tools, I chose to carve/engrave name on wood. As it is a first wood working model for me, this idea will be easy to complete with minimum number of tools and average cost.

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Step 1: Plan, Cost and Requirements.

First is plan. The idea is all about having a square wood piece on which letter of a name is engraved, adding more similar pieces gives the name.

Carved piece is either fixed on the wall using double sided gum tape or left hanging, connecting small chain to each plate.

Required items are,

Step 2: Cutting and Cleaning Wood

Cut the wooden block into square pieces of equal size, one piece for each letter. Clean the piece using Dremel tool, with drum sander.

Step 3: Selection of Design

Choose font and design for the name, print on a paper and stick it to wood pieces using gum stick.

Step 4: Carving/Engraving

Use cutting disk to cut on straight edges of the character, rest of the carving is done using carving/engraving burr. Remove all unwanted wood from the wood piece. Dremel 3000 tool, which I used, supports multiple speeds. use low speeds where precision is required. Be sure to follow safety requirements while using any any tool.

Step 5: Colouring(Optional)

It is not the good choice to color wood blocks as polishing itself gives the great look to wood. In my design, I chose to color it, as per my needs. Just select the color combination which suits to wall and color characters on the wood.

Step 6: Fixing and Lighting

Name carved on wood pieces is ready by this time. Can be fixed on to wall using double sided gum tape, or hanging using metal chain pieces.

When fixed to wall, using LED lights from one side of the pieces, gives shadows, looks great.

Happy Wood Working :-)

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