Name Every Fictional Movie Toy and Action Figure From Every Movie From Cgi to Live Action

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Intro: Name Every Fictional Movie Toy and Action Figure From Every Movie From Cgi to Live Action

There are thousands of fictional movie toys ever shown on a movie that you just wish they existed or they would have a better replicated version of them in real life. There are some fictional movie toys that were disappointing because of the way they were produced during the time. Some toys didn't even get one remake in real life. This guide shows you all the fictional figures to show in movies.

Step 1: The Red Haired Captain Cybertor (Swindle)

This is from the new movie that just recently premiered on Nickelodeon. Griffin explains to Swindell that the person calling him is Ivan Volkov, an angry Russian collector in search for a red-haired Captain Cybertor, which makes it another opportunity for Swindell to make money. This action figure doesn't get a remake in real life?! Come on!!!! I want a real red haired Captain Cybertor like on Swindle with the exact packaging as in the film! The should really make one.

Step 2: UltraLord (Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius)

The action figure that Sheen from Jimmy Neutron is obsessed with that has a huge collection of them in his room. This guy was remade only once into a real life toy by mattel as a part of Sheen's accessories in a set of three figures and sold separate with Sheen. These figures now cost about $200 because they are rare! But the disappointment about the UltraLord was the color scheme. It wasn't as detailed as the film and he didn't have any articulation. He was just a piece of rubber. I got an tutorial on how you can make your own. If you want to make your own you can go check that out if u want.

Step 3: The Crimson Chin (Fairly Oddparents)

The action figure that was in the episode of Fairly OddParents called "Boy Toy" this was in the beginning when Timmy and his friends were destroying toys and Timmy finds him in the box. Then he wishes to godparents that he can be shrunk down to chin's size to have one last adventure with him. This guy had a couple remakes in real life, a Wendy's kids meal toy, a vending machine figure, and a figure by jazwares in a 6 pack of figures. I wish this guy had a remake in full size. I might make him as not so disapointing because he had a not so bad representation of the figure. Anyway on to the next property of fairly odd parents.

Step 4: Crash Nebula (Fairly OddParents)

This is another action figure that appeared before crimson chin. This guy never got any remakes at all! If they made one I would want them to package it exactly as in the episode with chip skylark and its Timmy's birthday.

Step 5: Cynthia (The Rugrats)

Cynthia is Angelica's favorite doll, a parody of the Barbie doll. Cynthia's name possibly comes from the British doll Sindy. They probably had a few remakes of her such as on the basic fun keychain and that's all I know of. I have no idea how her packaging looks that she comes in. Now moving on to the next Rugrats item.

Step 6: Reptar Action Figure (The Rugrats)

Reptar is a tv show and toy that Tommy likes to play with. This was shown in the episode "Doctor Suzie" this probably got a few remakes too but is hard to list.

Step 7: Krabby Kids Meal (SpongeBob SquarePants)

This was seen on the ever so popular Spongebob. Seen in episode mermaid man vs spongebob episode. This came with a mermaid man action figure and a barnacle boy pencil topper. Not even a chance to get remade in real life.

Step 8: TurboMan Action Figures ( Jingle All the Way )

What else to say about the doll that Howard is hunting down for his son Jamie to make it up to him because he was too busy with business. In this classic christmas film he meets up with a mailman that has a son that wants the same toy too. However just TurboMan himself got only one remake that didn't look anything like the film. His jet pack wasn't the same, nor was the voice box. The box wasn't exact but I'll post instructions how to make him soon. The other characters in the line didn't get a chance such as Booster, Dementor or the Demon team.

Step 9: Major Chip Hazard ( Small Soldiers )

Run by X1000 military weapon system chips and batteries that never needed to be replaced, these figures came with light up belt buckles, were voice activated, doubled as walkie talkies and saluted you right out of the box. They even walked, talked and fought each other? Granted, the Commando Elite lead by Tommy Lee Jones' Chip Hazard were evil and shot flaming, toaster propelled projectiles at the humans in the story. The person who made this toy wanted toys to do exactly what they do in commercials. However they did get a disapointing remake in real life. This is because they don't want toys taking over the world so nobody gets injured.

Step 10: Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

There were various versions of buzz and the first ones in 1995 didn't have the wings or comunicator, the karate chop, the helmet that retracts when you push the blue button on the side, and no spaceship box! We get a much more accurate version in 2009 by thinkway using digital data from the film so that's a good thing. But Disney store made one that has all the features. Continuing with more toys soon



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