Name Sign With Chibitronics

Intro: Name Sign With Chibitronics

My daughter made a name sign with Chibitronics at FabLab Breda (Netherlands). It was a fun workshop to get started with simple electronic circuits with Chibitronics. She had fun while building her name tag and was enthousiastic. The Chibitronic building blocks are stickers with different functions. She only used leds and the different blocks which made the leds blink, pulse or fade. In the images you can see the result of the effort. You should see a stylish letter D with on the left the blinking building block and a battery.
As the movie shows, it was looking great underneath the cristmas tree!

The D consists out of three copper wire stickers that provide +, - and signal. The leds are placed between the + and signal and between signal and - so they are inverted of each other. The copper wires are connected to the battery and the Chibitronics blinking block.

Thanks Chibitronics and thanks Charlotte from FabLab Breda, it was a great afternoon :-)



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