Nananana Nananana CUPCAKE.. I Mean BATMAN, Superhero Cupcakes




Introduction: Nananana Nananana CUPCAKE.. I Mean BATMAN, Superhero Cupcakes

Super hero logo cupcakes.
You will need:

Tools- Circle cutter to cover the cake, Number 1.5-2 piping nozzle, piping bag (or grease proof paper piping bag), straight edged modelling tool, small dry paint brush (for sticking), small sharp knife (such as a vegetable knife or craft knife).

Materials- Green, yellow, red and black (or your chosen base colour) sugar paste and black royal icing.

This does require basic piping skills. Best to have a wee practice on something other than your cake if you've never piped with royal icing before. If you're not comfortable piping you could roll out really thin 'sausages' of sugar paste, and make a sugar paste bat logo instead.

Begin by covering all of your cupcakes in a light coating of jam, then a circle of black (or your chosen base colour) sugar paste icing.

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Step 1: BATMAN!

Roll out a large ball of yellow sugar paste and flatten into an oval (or roll out a piece of sugar paste and cut out the oval shape). Stick this to your cup cake.

Pipe around in the bat shape. If you are not confident to do this free hand use the tracing method shown in my Kiss tutorial.

Fill in the centre in a zig-zag motion. Brush over the top with a damp paint brush to tidy up any rough bits.

Step 2: Green Lantern

Roll a white ball of sugar paste and flatten into a circle (or roll out a piece of white icing to almost paper thin and cut it with a circle cutter if you have one in the right size).

Stick this to your cake. Roll a long thin ‘sausage’ of green sugar paste.

Make a circle of paste in the middle of your white circle then add a straight line of ‘sausage’ to the top and bottom. Flatten onto the cake with your fingertips.

Pipe around all the edges of the ‘lantern’ in black.

Pipe around the white circle in black.

Step 3: Superman

Roll out some yellow sugar paste to almost paper thin and cut a diamond shape.

Stick your ‘diamond’ on to your cake. Roll out a very narrow ‘sausage’ of red sugar paste.

Make the Superman ‘S’ shape with the rolled red sugar paste. Press it against the cake to flatten it.

Roll another red ‘sausage’, lie this around the edge of the diamond and flatten into shape.

Step 4: The Flash

Make a large white circle (as in the first step of ‘Green lantern’) Pipe around the edge in black.

Roll out a piece of yellow sugar paste with your rolling pin to almost paper thin. Cut out a lightning bolt.

Position your ‘bolt’ onto the white circle at a diagonal angle.

Have fun!

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