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     The name of the studio will be be called Adventure Recordings, until a better name comes up. The prize money will be used to pay copyright fees for the studio name. It will also be used to pay the actors, scriptwriters, the equipment, the rent, and permission from "Simon & Schuster, Inc".  I have done heavy research on this topic before I entered the contest. It is possible to get half of season one within a budget of $25 grand. By the time we reach that point should be able to have made a descent profit from ITunes. The Reason I choose "Nancy Drew" is because it is well known and fans will try it out. If we came up with our own series people may not respond so well if at all.

"Nancy Drew" is owned by "Simon & Schuster"

"Adventures in Odyssey" in owned by "Focus on the Family".

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    The Good Old Days
    The Good Old Days

    6 years ago

    Nancy drew is part of a lot of peoples childhoods


    7 years ago

    Ok? So your asking for money?