Nano Pocket Mood Lamp (USB)(Attiny85)

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Hi Everybody,

Rainbow Contest was here and an idea was also here in my mind... :D

I Made my Own Nano RGB Moodlamp ..which directly connects to your phone charger pin.

and just of size : 20mm x 15mm

Cutting Etching and Making PCB was all done by me but i would give a special thanks to "xBacon" in this instructable family. His code was Awesome and was 100% Compatible in my project.

My Idea was based to make a Pocket Friendly MoodLamp which would be plug 'n' Play.

After all, My Attempt was Successful and i am really happy with my pocket Lamp.

Message me if you want to buy a kit of this .

Boards would not be made by me for Quality Reasons*( will be manufactured by a Company)

Payments could be processed by paypal on my website : (Developmental Stage.)

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Step 1: Gather All the Parts

So Let's Start Making this :

Gather all The Parts to make this Projects:

1) Attiny85 ( Main Part)

2) Copper Clad PCB

3) 68 Ohm SMD Resistor (0805)

4) 1 RGB 5mm LED (Common Cathode)

5) USB Connector Micro - B

Step 2: Schematic

Schematic was Copied from xBacon's Instructable.

Thanks to Him,

This is a Very Simple Schematic.

Step 3: Eagle Board File

Step 4: Attiny85 Code

I Have attached the Attiny Code.

Step 5: Printing Artwork

This is an very small Print,

Do check for any error after transferring artwork

Do Remember to Mirror it.

Step 6: Etch It!

I Used Ferrous Chloride others are your choice...

Step 7: Drill Holes for RGB Led

Holes might not be that good (just because my drill bit got flat :| ) but it worked .

Step 8: Solder USB Connector

Now, Let's Start Soldering Parts.

This is my first such small smd soldering project so Excuse me for any mess....

So , First we Would solder USB Connector Micro,

I Didn't got any Problem During Soldering this just before i was to solder only VCC line and GND line of the connector.

Step 9: Solder SMD Resistors

Solder 68Ohm SMD Resistors

Step 10: Solder 5mm RGB Led

This was an tricky part...just because traces were too small.

Step 11: At Last Program & Solder Attiny85

I used my Custom shield to program attiny .

Make sure Attiny85 pins dosen't get short with each other otherwise it would be fried.

Program could be found in above steps.

Step 12: Finished!

Now take this Light were ever you go and attach it to your phone charger to make it work!

I Hope Everybody Liked it :)

Do Message if you want to buy -- i will tell you a estimate of shipping charges according to country and price of the kit too.

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    2 years ago

    The common good etchant is either Ferric Chloride or Hydochloric acid + Hydrogen Peroxide


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I've always thought it would be awesome to make something like this that's just a coupler that you leave on the end of your charging cable. That way with it's dark at night you can easily find the end of the cable.

    2 replies
    Ayush Sharmatomatoskins

    Reply 3 years ago

    Amazing idea!
    But RGB would be neccessary then and it would be much smaller size...