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To use in case of emergency.....

I use a used powerbank with a little battery li-ion 200mAh.....

This powerbank it's very little (dimension and capacity) but it's very usefull.....:mini led lamp,charge smartphone

in case extreme(mobile cell battery empty),to send a message sms or mms,call...Gps(im lost,where im i),MP3....

Another way to re-use some objets like battery an electronic circuits.....

Five minits to charge and you can take it with tou,everywhere....camping,rando,work......

Very easy to build,you need a old(or new) battery li-po,powerbank circuit(2 dollars on amazon) and soldering positive and negative wires together(batt and circuit) can use some heat shrink tubing to finish and add a ring to use like a keyrings.....

Thank you to watch :)

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