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Introduction: Napkin Christmas Tree

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Today I'll show you how to fold this Christmas (Xmas) tree napkins.
You need a perfect Holiday dinner table.... ????

The following video shows you how to fold a napkin a modern, stylish and adorable way. It's so simple.....and it works with every square napkin or cloth.

Here my YouTube Video: Xmas Napkin Tree (Be a Christmas dinner hero and try it)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-D

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Step 1: Start

FIRST of all: You'll need a napkin.... (one per tree)

Step 2: Folding

Fold it in half.....

and then another time in half....

Step 3: Get the Tree

Step 4: ...almost Done

Step 5: ...slowly It Looks GOOD

Step 6: Done

You're done.

Merry Christmas.

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