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First of all, before we go any further, let me assure you that I LOVE books! Yes, I felt totally guilty to cut up a book, but I went looking for books that were already in the list for recycling because it was missing loads of pages or because it was down right boring :-).

Anyway...Now that we have got that out of the way ( and I hope I don't get bashed up for cutting up this book) let me say I have recently become an admirer of book sculpture and love just how it portraits a story jumping up off the pages.

I just love Nania and thought to try and recreate it. Hope I have done justice to it :-)

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Step 1: Go Hunt for the Sacrifice

Yes, first go hunting for the book. Hardcover is best

Next decide what you would like to recapture in your story.

Now gather your supplies.


precision/ craft knife



Led light


battery older with on off switch.

Step 2: Print Up

I didn't want to cut up any Nania books so I googled images and printed it up.

I also drew some trees and printed it , so that I don't waste time tracing it.

I will upload the 2 types of tree I used and also the other images I got for the sculpture. I printed multiple images just in case i muck up :-)

I have uploaded the pdf files in case you want to try it out.

Step 3: Wiring Up!

I wanted to light up the lamp. So first I cut up a slot in the book for the battery holder.I glued up the holder so that the opening will be at the bottom. That way, to change the battery you just bend back the back cover. I only kept a few pages over the battery holder, as It needed to balance out the other side of the book.

Now cut up a hole where the lamp is to be and pass up the wire through it and connected the led light.Test it.

Yay! it lights up :-)

Now make sure that you don't prick any holes where the battery holder is and just place the trees around it.

Step 4: The Lamp Post

I have designed the lamp shade so that it can be folded. Cut it out and place an acetate sheet over. Mark and cut the shape and bend it to form the lampshade. now cover the edge with black strips. Now to make the post, roll up the paper in a tube shape. I took 4" long. Pass the led light through. Now wrap 1/8" strips where it appears in the image of the lamp post. I know, we can't get the exact, but we can try for perfection ...can't we?? :-)

For the top I rolled up this strips and layered it like paper quilling till I got the required shape. Now glue this on top of the shade.

Step 5: Making Lucy

I cut up Lucy. Then I cut another part of Lucy . separating the top and skirt. I folded and glued only the top and side of the skirt on top of the first layer of Lucy.

Then I added the blouse..raising it up a a bit at the bottom to give a 3D effect.

Now glue up a wire at the back leavening a bit extended over.

Make a hole with the wire near the lamp post. Add glue to the end of Lucy's wire. Insert into the hole and then glue the palm of Lucy to the post.

Step 6: Cut Up Your Trees

Place the printouts on some paper and cut it. I used both the scissor and the craft knife.

Once you have cut it out, glue a wire at the back. Later as you did for the girl, prick a hole on the place you want, add some glue to the wire and insert it into the book.

Step 7: Landscape

To make a landscape I also crushed some paper and glued it to the page. For snow, I rolled up some thin strips of paper in an angle and cut off tiny pieces. I thin glued some parts of the lamp post and also the pages and sprinkled the snow on it.

Step 8: Light It Up!

Now switch the light on and enjoy the book come to life!

I hope you liked my instructable and will find it worthy of your vote. I am in desperate need of your vote! So would really appreciate it!


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    What kind of glue did you use?


    2 years ago

    Congrats on winning the papercreft contest! So awesome!


    2 years ago

    At first I was horrified that you did that to a book but I can see your point. I would rather a dead book go into art then just get trashed. Also great job on winning!

    Tarun Upadhyaya

    2 years ago

    Wow... Wow... Wow Congratulations on winning the Grand :). Great Job Done

    Cris DIY

    2 years ago

    congrats on winning the Papercraft contest! Well deserved! :)

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    Thanks you so much! I am stunned that i have won the Grand Prize !!!!

    Cris DIYshazni

    Reply 2 years ago

    super nice work! you deserved it! :)

    shazniMad Props

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you so much! love your stuff . Your props look so real! I help my kids school with props...but never have we gone so far to make it so realistic looking!

    Congrats! I love the ground texture and coverage. If I were to do mine again I would have absolutely added that, plus maybe a light or two in the tower. Unfortunately school deadlines didn't comply, but they look absolutely fantastic in your piece! Again, awesome work!

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    Fuzzy Monkey

    2 years ago

    Love it! I understand the difficulty cutting up books. I have not yet been able to. Gotta go hunting in the basement!

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    Gotta add Mr. Tumnus!


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