Naruto Sharingan Felt Kindle Case




I want to show, how I've made my felt Kindle case.  

Step 1: Making the Felt Sharingan

First step is making a felt sharingan.  What do we need? Black felt, two tint red felt (darker and brighter) scissors, felt glue.

1. Cut two (black and brighter red) round felt pieces
2. Cut smaller circle from the red circle
3. Cut thin stripe from darker red felt.
4. Put the stripe between two light-red parts.
5. Cut one round piece and two tear-shapes from the black felt.
6. Glue everything together

Step 2: Making the Kindle Case

1. Cut  four rectangles out of the gray felt
2,3. Cut two smaller rectangles out of the thick lining
4. Put the one of thick linig rectangles between two rectangles from the gray felt.
5. Sew everything together = we have first of two faces

7. Make other face in the same manner
8. Attach the flap
9. Sew two faces together.
10. Attach the latch
10. Glue sharingan to the finished case



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    cool, im going to make a similar cover for my kindle, not sure what i will add yet.

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