Nathan Drake From the Uncharted Video Game Series




Introduction: Nathan Drake From the Uncharted Video Game Series

If you're a fan of the Uncharted video game series, Nathan Drake is a great costume for anyone. This is my female version of his outfit and can usually be created with clothing you probably already have!

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Step 1: The Clothing

To look like Nathan Drake, you will need the following articles of clothing. The great thing about this costume is that many of these items are fairly generic. Don't have a henley shirt? A regular long sleeve shirt will do. Don't have brown boots? Black ones are fine too!

You will need:
-Long sleeve off-white henley shirt. Example style here.
-Cargo pants (can be olive green or even tan). Some suggestions here and here
-Basic brown belt
-Brown boots. Example style here.

Step 2: The Accessories

The key part of this costume is Drake's accessories. Here are the ones you will need.

-Plaid blue scarf. This can also be gingham print. There is a great version here.  
-Black cord and silver ring
-Brown leather bag/backpack/harness. The one I'm wearing is here. Good ones here and here too. 
-Leather wrist cuff. Great version here.
-Drake's journal - miine was made using an old instruction manual and burning parts of the edges and front/back cover.
-Fake gun (surplus stores or toy/hobby stores are great places to look). One suggestion is to get a toy gun and just spray paint it black

Now you're ready for an adventure!

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    stephanie Lane
    stephanie Lane

    3 years ago

    that is amazing you looks gorgeous and beautiful in Nathan Drake costume but one thing is missing which is uncharted ring necklace , Nathan is wore in a game so you should get it from any place then your clothing style will be


    7 years ago on Introduction

    We have a fan film in the making titled: UNCHARTED: BROKEN FAITH a spin off creation based on the Uncharted Series with a new character and a new adventure for all time fan favorite, Nathan Drake. We see that youʼve given some digital ink to news revolving around the game or creators and weʼd love to get in on that action.
    Since this is a non-income generating project, kept strictly for the festival audience, we would love your support in any way. This is a FAN film. This game has millions of fans around the world, but we need help to spread the word. We plan on using the Kickstarter platform to raise money for the film and want to attract fans in droves to donate and bring this project to life.
    We will of course make sure to include a link to your work, so our viewers can easily find you on the Interwebs. Hopefully this means that some of our love will head your way, vis a vis streams from what we release. Here are a few places you can find us online:
    Facebook: Twitter @uncharted_movie


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I went to the fabric store and bought some blue plaid fabric (about half a yard). Then I just strategically wrapped it around my neck.