National Guard Letters

National Guard Letters

Hi my name is Aaron and I am in a 3D Modeling class in school and one of our assignments is to create an Instructable. One of the ones we can choose from is called FIRST TIME and I liked this one for the simple reason that I already have a cool idea of what to make. This is something that I would like to check into after I get out of school is to take and go into the National Guard to fight for our country to serve and to protect.

Do you know anybody who is in the National Guard or do you have a family member in the National Guard? Here is a easy little gift to make and give it to them to show your thanks. Make these cool letters into something to appreciate and to show your support for our troops.


  1. 3D Printer $2,400
  2. Printer Plastic / PLA Plastic $49.00
  3. Sketch Up

  4. Sites
  5. You can buy one or you can send your file off and have it made for you for a small fee to save you money unless you are going to be mass producing items.
  6. This site has a free download for your computer.

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Step 2: Printing

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This looks pretty nice! What are you going to do with the printed letters? Mount them on a board or plaque of some kind?