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Introduction: Natural Home Remedies

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Hello friends

Today I am going to share you with sum home remedies from Indian ayurveda along with my mother’s knowledge

Most of these remedies’ are using simple dally using ingredients like vinegar, salute and lemon juice etc.

(All given remedies are tested and widely used in Indian.sum of the ingredients may not be available in your country.sum ingredients may be allergic to sum one.if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me)

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Step 1: Natural Home Remedies

Natural Home Remedies for Fever

You will need

1. basil leaves

2. ginger

3. honey

Make past of basil leaves and ginger.Then extract the juice from the past and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Mix it well and consume this four times a day

Natural Home Remedies for Wet Cough

You will need

1. ginger

2. honey

3. hot water

Make one tablespoon of ginger past and extract the juice. Add one tablespoon of honey to it and mix it well. Take that mix on a glass container and place it on a hot water. Use this mix three times a day

Natural Home Remedies for Acid Reflux (Acidity)

1) You will need

1. cardamom seeds

2. water

Grind 2 cardamom seed and mix it with 250ml of water .then boil the water for 15 minutes. Sieve this solution and drink it

2) Chow a clove also helps to reduce acidity

Natural Home Remedies for Diarrhea (Diarrhea

1. lemon juice

2. Ginger Past

3. black pepper powder

Take one tablespoon of lemon juice on a bowl, then add 1/2 tablespoon of ginger past and pinch of black pepper powder.mix it well and consume it two times a day

Natural Home Remedies for Diabetes

1. Fenugreek seed

2. Water

Add 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seed in to 250ml of water and boil it for 10 minutes. Consume it two times a day. Fenugreek will help to reduce the blood sugar level

Natural Home Remedies for Headache

You will need

1. Green tea

2. Water

3. Lemon juice

Make a cup of green tea and add two tablespoon of lemon juice. Drink this tea will give you instant relief from Headache

Natural Home Remedies for bee sting

1) You will need

1. Baking sod

2. Vinegar

Make a paste of baking soda, one or two drops of vinegar and apply it to the wound for 30 minutes. Baking soda and vinegar helps neutralize the acid found in bee stings (remove the stinger from wound before applying this past)

2) Make a paste of Turmeric powder and apply it on the wound.

Natural Home Remedies for wasp sting

Take sum cotton and dip it on vinegar and place it on the wound. Wasp venom is a powerful alkalizes. Vinegar will neutralize them.

Natural Home Remedies for loose motion

You will need

1. black coffee

2. Lemon juice

Add two tablespoon of lemon juice to black coffee and mix it well and drink it. It will give instant relief from loose motion. You can also use green tea

Natural Home Remedies for Teeth Sensitivity

You will need

1. mustard oil

2. rock salt

Make a mixture of one tablespoon mustard oil and one tablespoon rock salt. Apply this mix on the teeth and lave it for 5 minute and rinse the mouth with water

Natural Home Remedies for Hiccups

1) Hold your breath at least for 30 sec

2) Drink a glass of water quickly

Natural Home Remedies for Nausea

1) Take lemon and smell it slowly.

2) Slowly chew a ginger pieces

Natural Home Remedies for Vertigo

lay down on the floor for few minutes to increase blood flow to head

Step 2: Natural Homemade Cleaner

Natural Homemade Toilet Cleaning ball

You will need

1. Baking soda

2. Organic Citric acid

3. Lavender essential oil

4. Peppermint essential oil

5. Lemon essential oil

6. Water

Take 750 g baking soda on a bowl .add 250g Citric acid, 15 ml Lavender oil, 15ml Peppermint essential oil and 15ml Lemon essential oil.mix it well then add 250 ml of water to make thick past .use that past to make sum bolls. Then leave it for 7 hours. Throw one boll to toilet. Flush after 15 minute.

Natural Homemade Dish Wash

You will need

1) Natural borax

2) Washing soda

3) Dry lemon peel power

4) Salt

5) Lemon essential oil

Take 250g Natural borax, 250g Washing soda, 125g Dry lemon peel power and 125g salt on a bowl. Then add 5 drop of Lemon essential oil.mix it well and store on a dry container. Use one tablespoon of the powder at a time

Natural Homemade scrubber

1) Take coconut husk and clean it. You can use it as scrubber

2) You can use lemon peel as scrubber

Natural Homemade Mouth Wash

You will need

1. Water

2. Baking soda

3. Peppermint essential oil

Take 250ml water then add 1 tablespoon baking soda and 3 drop of Peppermint essential oil.mix it well. Swish the mouth with this mixture then swish mouth with water

Natural Homemade Ear Cleaning Drops

You will need

1. Olive oil

2. Lavender essential oil

Take 1 tablespoon of olive oil then add 5 drop of Lavender essential oil to it mix it well. Put 2 to 3 drop of the solution in each ear. Clean the ear with buts after 10 minutes.

Step 3: Natural Homemade Pesticides

Homemade Garden Pesticides

1) You will need

1. Neem oil

2. Water

3. Lavender essential oil

Take 2 litter of water, then add 2 tablespoon of neem oil and ½ table spoon of lavender essential oil.mix it well and pray it on the plans. It can prevent insects from eating leafs

2) You will need

1. Row Tobacco

2. Laundry Soap

3. Water

Put finely chopped row tobacco on ½ litter warm water. Keep this for 1 day and filter the solution. Take 100g of soap and chop it finely and dissolve in some warm water. Then mix the tobacco extract and soap water. Dilute this mixture with 3 L of water and spry it on the plants.

Natural Homemade Bug Repellent oil

You will need

1. Extra virgin Olive oil

2. Lavender essential oil

Take 20ml of extra virgin Olive oil then add 5 drop of lavender essential oil. Mix it well and apply it on the exposed skin. It will repel all type of insets

Natural Homemade Ant Killer

1) You will need

1. Sugar

2. Water

3. Borax

Take 250g sugar then add 125ml water and one tablespoon of borax. Boil this mixture for 3 minute. Allow it to cool down. Pore one or two drop of this solution on the ants nest. Keep it away from children and pets

2) Sprinkle sum turmeric powder all over the ants nest. It wills the kill ants

Natural Homemade lizard repellent

Organic camphor ball is a good pest controller. Put it in your wardrobes, water sinks or under the stove. This remedy works effectively against the lizards.

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