Natural River Stone Necklace



Introduction: Natural River Stone Necklace

River stones and pebbles can be really pretty, and they may be perfect for a beautiful necklace. They are a great accessory because of their simplicity, intricate patterns, practicality, and durability. This is an easy process, and produces beautiful necklaces.

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Step 1: Choose Your Stone

Find some cool stone that ideally aren't too hard to drill through. River pebbles that are flat, but has some sort of interesting point, are the best. I personally prefer smaller, more subtle stones, but suit yourself!

Step 2: Drill Hole

Using a diamond tipped hole saw ~2mm, a diamond tipped bur, or a drill bit, add lubricant to ensure stable temperatures. A rotary tool at max speed is the best, but I've used drill bits and a electric drill before, noting that a drill bit will only last 0-2 rock dependent on thickness and hardness. Keep the hole small and start slow, to avoid chipping.

Step 3: Finish and Seal

I love the wet stone look, and protecting that rock can be a way to go about that. Whether your using acrylic, spray on sealer, or a wax/oil, it sometimes is worth the effort to give the stone a glass or matte finish.

Step 4: Attach to Necklace

Throw on a jump ring through the hole, and thread a chain or cord through that. You're done!

Step 5: Show Off!

I have fallen in love with these necklaces. There's no question they are the best necklaces around- simple, elegant, formal/casual, beautiful, and durable. I love them, my friends love them, and it catches everyone's eye. Good Luck!

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