Natural Tree Bark Wooden Spoon

Want a cool wooden spoon with beautiful bark accent? Here's your how to:

Simple, easy, and produces great results, a spoon with natural finishes like bark will always grab attention and interest.

Step 1: Get Your Wood

When I was cutting my plun wood to make my axe handle,

I took off sections of bark that I realized contained the pretty characteristics in a flat form factor, after the wood shrunk considerably. To get a deep spoon, you'll want to cut larger sections from the wood, otherwise you'll have flatter spoons, but more usable wood.

Step 2: Design

Draw your shape. Using a pencil, draw your desired spoon shape. I recommend using the deepest section for the bowl of the spoon, and the thinner, section for the handle.

Step 3: ​Cut and Sand

Using any technique that suits you, grind down the spoon to shape. I'd used a combination of coping saw, Dremel sander, sandpaper, and chiseling. Make the bowl area as well, scooping out material to get a sufficient cupped area.

Step 4: Finish

Oil your wooden spoon! Don't finish the bark section on the spoon, simply the exposed wood sections. Don't let soak in water and refinish occasionally. You're done!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Your all natural spoon highlights the beauty of bark, and lets you enjoy food as well. I'd love to try making a set of cutlery with this concept, and enjoy beautiful bark themed spoons and forks and knives, Enjoy and good luck!

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