Natural Twig Lamp

Introduction: Natural Twig Lamp

This instructable  is made of natural twigs from the woods and with the stuffs I had at home.A very useful lamp for the long nights in the cold weather.It is hiding  in one of my plants in the living room,giving a good glow of light in the darkness.

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Step 1: Gathering Twigs

Thanks to my  neighbor  who helped me to cut some twigs in the woods.It doesn't matter what type of twigs you choose. It need not be in exact size too..There were thick and thin twigs. Now that it is wet and cold,it was difficult to find very dried twigs.Some of them were half dried. We spent around an hour looking for it and managed to cut what we wanted.

Step 2: Requirements

Glue gun
Glue sticks
An empty glass  bottle or a vase
Orange tissue paper
Black paper
Paper glu
Garden scissors
A pair of working gloves (Not included in the picture)
Measuring Tape 

Step 3: Cut Twigs

Back at home the very same day I started with my project.
Initially I had an idea of making a big lamp,so that I can insert a big candle. Now the days are too cold and gets dark early.We need more light and warmness in the living room,specially when we get back home after a long hours of work.
Unfortunately I did not have the strength to cut these half dried twigs so I decided to make a small lamp with a small bottle.
I did not use the vase or the bottle showed in the requirement  picture.Instead I choosed another  small empty bottle.
I measured the size of the bottle and cut  the twigs to the length of 7 inches long.

Step 4: Paste

Then I used the glue gun and pasted 10  twigs  in a straight row.This was the first time I used a glue gun,it was easy and the twigs got pasted immediately.

Step 5: All in a Row

Here you see  10 twigs glued together  in a row. To be on the safe side I tied them up together with a wire, because if I decide to   hang the lamp in the living room with  a lit candle,I can  be sure that it is steady and safe.

Step 6:

Now I glued the 5 inches height  twigs  upwards on three sides. There is no specific set rule in pasting,so long  all the twigs are in one height.There are four  pictures from which you can understand well.

Step 7: Paste in All Direction

Now with 6  twigs of  8 inches in length  I glued on top to make it look  like a small house with out a roof. There after  I cut small twig pieces in different sizes and pasted  on all three sides of this   little house .I enjoyed  pasting with the glue gun as this was the first time I did.There is no set rule here too,I went wild pasting as how I wanted. 
Due to the glue spilling in between the twigs from all sides it was like a spider spinning its web .See pictures 12 and 13.
Once it was completed  I tied the wire on the two corners so that  I could hang it. It is quiet heavy and stable too.

Step 8: Halloween Theme Colors

Now  that it is time for Halloween  I decided on orange and black colors for my bottle.I mesured the bottle and  cut out a piece of orange tissue paper leaving space for pasting. Then I cut out  a black strip of paper pasted on to one edge of the orange paper.Now  I folded in to four and cut out  V shape all around the black paper to give a high light..Then it was pasted around the bottle.
Last was the eyes nose and mouth in black paper that I cut and pasted on to two sides of the bottle.

Step 9: Gallery of Final Product

Now a candle lit inside,  this beautiful lamp takes turn to sit  in different places  in my living room .I feel the atmosphere of Halloween and keeps me warm and lights up the room..I am  in the process of making a couple of more  in different  sizes  so. That I  do not need to use the heaters and lights on.This will make it glow in my rooms.
Thanks for reading.
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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Perfect for this time of year ... its a wonderful idea to decorate for Halloween & im sure other occasions as well


    7 years ago on Introduction

    It sure glows beautifully...thanks...i'm going to try it


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love this idea.. gives a really cozy feel to a room.. Great alternative to ordinary decorative candles!


    7 years ago on Step 7

    Good idea,it quet well done