Natural Wood Clothes Pin Photo Holder

Introduction: Natural Wood Clothes Pin Photo Holder

Here's a quick and simple project!  I'll explain how to make a simple and cheap clothes pin photo holder.
I had a bunch of spare materials from other projects, so it cost nothing and took 10 minutes to make!
**Made at the Techshop!**


~3' section of a 2" by 4" (You can choose any width you please)
4 drywall screws
17 gauge wire
Small Clothes Pins
2 eyelets from an old picture frame


Drill with Phillips head drill bit
Wire cutter

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Step 1: Hooking Up the Wire

Drill a screw into the left and right side of the wood.  Maybe an inch or so from the edges. (Eye it to make them symmetrical)
From there, you're going to want to connect the wire to the screws.
I just spun the wire around each screw, and then drilled the screw a little deeper to tighten the hold.
Once connected, I just cut the wire from the spool.

Step 2: Dressing It Up

Add clothes pins, and photo's.  Determine how many photos and pins you prefer.
I think portrait oriented photo's work a little better.

Step 3: Mounting It

Now that you're all set up with design, we just need to set up the mounting hardware.

To get the hardware, I just disassembled an old picture frame and took 2 eyelets from the back to use for mounting onto a wall. If you are using a thicker piece of wood like this 2' by 4', you can also rest it on a window sill, a shelf, or a fireplace mantle.

I just drilled them into the back and it's now ready to mount!

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