Natural Wood Diner Table LED Lamp




Introduction: Natural Wood Diner Table LED Lamp

Instructions how to make a LED lamp in an natural wood branch

I used 2 set of Ikea's Ledberg spots. each set consists out of 3 lamps and generates 320 lumen of warm white light.

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Step 1: What Tools Do You Need?

  1. Drill
  2. 45 mm wood drill
  3. Dremel tool
  4. Knives
  5. Soldering tools
  6. Screwdrivers
  7. Wood repair paste

Step 2: Cleaning the Branch.

The branch is from a silver birch tree, that I have received of a coworker.

I have removed the bark, because the color would not fit in out interior, but that is my taste of course you can keep the bark, only it is a more difficult to hide the wires.

Then I sanded the wood with grid 80 and the 200, also fine steel wool works well.

Because it was still a bit too dark I have bleached it whit hydrogen peroxide.
You can find many instructables and videos on how to bleach wood, just remember to where gloves and goggles in a ventilated space.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Now you can drill the
holes, divide them over the branch like you prefer.

If you can find a drill that is the correct diameter of 45 mm this goes faster. I did not have one so I drilled with 40mm and widened with the Dremel.

I used a drill standard, this works easier, to stabilize the branch while drilling I used some cleaning rags.

In the middle of the hole I made a smaller deeper hole to fit the wiring (see picture next step)
Also you need a hole thru the branch to hang the lamp and to run electrics to the light

Step 4: Wiring

you can hide the wires or run them on top.

I hide the wires by cutting a small groove in the wood, I used a cutter knife and a small chisel. The dremel tool would work also if you have a steady hand.

Then you can put the wires in and hide it with matching wood filler.

If you ran the wires on top use a hot melt gun and cut away the excess glue.

Step 5: ​Connecting the Wires

When connecting the wires please note the polarity! This is indicated by Ikea on the wires by a grey line on 1 wire. I have removed the joint box and soldered then back together in the branch.

The 12v transformers I have removed from their casing and hid them on top in the ceiling covering. This I had laying around from an old lamp, you can buy those cone types in a hardware store, or make them yourself.

Step 6: ​Finishing

We did not varnish the branch because I want it to be as white wood as possible. It matches our Scandinavian style interior. You could keep the bark as well if you prefer or stain it matching your interior.

Once the light was in place I have noticed the narrow light beam, therefor I have sanded the glass with grit 200 to give it a more diffuse light

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    1 year ago

    Just love this .
    I am gooing to make this from a norwegian birch. I will post images after iam don


    3 years ago

    very nice, I would like to get some branches like the ones your friend gave



    Reply 3 years ago

    Would like to, but shipping cost from belgium would be huge!


    3 years ago

    Looks awesome!


    3 years ago

    This is awesome! It would also work really well with some driftwood. :)