Natural and Easy Acne-prone Face Care




Introduction: Natural and Easy Acne-prone Face Care

Hey everyone and welcome to this Instructable, where you will learn how to get rid of your number one enemy (no, I'm not talking about Donald Trump...)

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Step 1: Get Rid of Those Pimples !

If you are like most people, you may be suffering from the horrible curse acne is, and if you are like most people, you have probably been to your doctor and asked for whatever he could give you to get rid of those awful pimples on your beautiful face. The problem is: a lot of products actually don't work, or if they do, your body gets used to them and they soon stop working, but also, these acne products contain harmful chemicals such as benzoyle peroxide, which could actually be a danger for your health.

This is where I may have a solution for you: a 100% natural, easy acne remedy made with substances that mother nature provides us.

Step 2: It's All in This Image !

As I couldn't figure out a way to put the image in full size (probably to much for Instructables to handle), you can find the image by clicking Here.

Please note that this "infographic" image was made in about an hour with only Photofiltre and a mouse, hence the very simplistic aspect of it. Nevertheless, the most important information is in it and I hope it will help you cure your acne and boost your self-confidence.

Thanks for your attention :)

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