Natural Beach Stone Tablet / Cell Phone Holder and Business Card Holder!!



Introduction: Natural Beach Stone Tablet / Cell Phone Holder and Business Card Holder!!

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In this project we shall be making a natural beach stone tablet / cell phone holder and I also made a smaller version to hold business cards. Essentially you could make a larger one of these to hold up books which would be great for in the kitchen because even if the rock gets wet from the counter it wouldn't matter.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project you will need lots of different beach stone of different colors and sizes, hot glue, Exacto knife and clear coat spray (optional).

For the rocks the more you have the easier these kinds of projects will be, it's like doing a natural puzzle without any of the right pieces.

(Tip: spread them out on a cooking pan to be able to see all your shapes and sizes, this will also make clean up easier once your done)

Step 2: Holding Lip

First we need to a nice flat level stone as a base, the one I chose is a little thick but I love the bright green.

We then need to find a couple of rocks to for the front so the tablet doesn't slip out while being held, these should also be visually pleasing because they are in front

I chose two flat slender ones and made sure they weren't to thick as to not interfere with the screen. You could use many little ones, round ones, square ones etc... just make sure you keep a nice even line on the back side where you tablets rests because you wouldn't want any random edges scratching your screen.

Size and try different combination of stones and make sure your happy with the look before you glue them on. Make sure to use a bit of glue closer to the rear of the rock facing the inside of the holder as to not see the glue as much from the front.

Step 3: The Back Piece

Now comes the fun part, we need to find a nice combination of stones that are about the same size and have nice flat sides to glue.

Give yourself a one inch gap between the front lip and back side, keep the stones as even as possible in the tablet holding sides. (see last pic it is from above to show what I mean)

To make our lives easier keep the stones all level as so that you don't have to find little filler stones, also the more gaps you leave to more you will see the hot glue from the back.

Once you complete your first row try and get stones that will cover the overlaps of the previous row, same concept as laying down hardwood floors. In order to achieve this I started the second row with a stone half the size of the bottom one then a second one that would reach to the halfway mark of the next bottom stone.

Then the rest just becomes like a puzzle, the goal is to not have two lines from two rows line up.

(Which I accidentally did on the right side of row 2-3 lol, either way still looks fine)

After you managed to build it up about 2inches try out the tablet to see what kind of angle you have, if you want more of a tilt add another row. I was holding different rock sizes up and checking the lean after every row till I was happy with how it stood.

Step 4: To Spray or Not to Spray

Now come the final touch go through the front where the stones meet and cut carefully the over flow hot glue and clean up the front so you barely see the glue.

If you want your stones to have a wet look and their colors stand out then give them a coat or two of spray on clear coat. This will also protect your stand in case you keep it outside to hold your phone around the camp fire, if you are using crystals or like a raw stone look then don't spray them.

That's it your done, congratulations you have your self a new natural tablet holder

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