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Introduction: Natural Oil Face Wash

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I was using all kinds of prescription, as seen on TV, and popular over the counter products to wash my face for decades. My skin pretty much blemish free but it never really looked good (overly dry, dull, blotchy) or felt good. I always felt as if i was experiencing a chemical burn after washing my face. So I did some googling and made my own face wash and will NEVER go back!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Use high quality oils---Jojoba or argan, castor oil and tea tree oil. A measuring cup (liquid medicine cup works well) and an empty container to use to hold your new face wash!

Step 2: Mix

This part is super easy! I use equal parts of Jojoba and castor oil and just a few drops of tea tree oil. Argan oil can be used instead of jojoba but its a little more expensive. This is the skin softening/cleansing agent. The castor oil is to draw out the dirt. If you are not prone to blemishes you can cut back the amount in the mixture. The tea tree oil is the anit-fungal element and the amount can also be adjusted to suit your skin.

Step 3: All Done!

You now have a custom face wash ready to use. Apply with a cotton ball and then remove with a washcloth soaked in hot water! Use once or twice daily. My skin feels so refreshed and happy using this mixture. No more buring sensations, no blemishes or dry flaky skin & more $$$$ in my pocket!

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    6 years ago

    The longer you leave on, the more yuck is removed. My daily routine is to leave on while i brush my teeth, then wash of face with a nice hot wash cloth. If you want a deep clean, leave on for a while (steamy environments are perfect) and then relax with a warm wet washcloth over your face.

    Nice recipe and thanks for the reasoning behind the ingredients! Always good to know. Also, do you need to leave it on for a period of time at ally or do you apply and then just take it off?