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Introduction: Nature Inspired Notebook Cover

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I really like being in the nature and I usually spend hours looking at "nature"tags on tumblr.This is actually my diary I wanted to personalize it a bit and I am really happy with the result :))

Step 1: Materials

-a notebook

-Acrylic paint(black and brown)
-a view picture

-puzzle glue(or something to coat with)
-little tree branches

Step 2: Painting to Notebook

I choose to paint it brown to give it a "nature vibe".
I mixed the brown with a little bit of black.

I didn't paint all of the front cover since I 'll glue a picture.

Step 3: Picture and Branches

I printed out the picture.You can cut pictures out of magazines.Do what you like :))

Step 4: Coating

I coated it with puzzle glue and it works perfect.I was planning to coat it first and then glue the branches.But I guess I got too excited so ...

Step 5: Done

And this is donee!

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    5 years ago

    This is fantastic! I'm inspired! :-)


    5 years ago

    Wow. Really lovely, well done