Nature Weave




This can be made with items found in nature or a mixture of hand made and nature (see example).

You will need:

4 sticks
Flowers, leaves, greenery


Step 1: Collect Nature Items

Collect sticks. Collect flowers, leaves and greenery. For longer lasting art work, either hand make or purchase flowers and greenery. If no access to sticks, can purchase dowels as well.

Step 2: Start Making the Frame

Take 2 of the sticks and start winding yarn to hold them perpendicular to each other. Repeat until you have a rectangle.

Step 3: Add Woven Area

Tie a piece of yarn to one stick and then wrap it around the stick parallel. Continue wrapping back and forth. The more times the yarn is wrapped, the more options there are for weaving in items.

Step 4: Other Colors

Wanted a bit more color. Wove this color perpendicular to the last color. Can be creative and weave in different directions.

Step 5: Add Items

Weave items into the yarn. (If want to know how to make the origami flowers see other Instructable)

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    2 years ago

    Neat idea, thanks for sharing how you made this! :)