Nature in a Box



Introduction: Nature in a Box


I am a huge plant lover and I have a big collection. I've always wanted a terrarium, they're like a beautiful piece of nature inside a glass box.
I was bored this Sunday so I decided to do something useful with my time!

I will show you how to make a small ecosystem. You only have to water, and if you keep bugs in there, you sometimes leave a piece of fruit in there. That's all!
Please keep in mind that English is not my first language, sorry if there are any mistakes

Here is what you need:
- A plastic tank, a glass tank, or anything transparent you can find, as long as it's sturdy and has a lid.
The lid is so your bugs don't escape / It will keep your ecosystem moist!

- Some plants and moss
Make sure your plants are water-lovers and not plants that prefer drought. Moss can be found in maybe your backyard / the forest. Look at dark, moist places.

- Gravel, pebbles, or small rocks.
These will be used on the bottom of your little ecosystem.

- Some soil
You can buy soil, but also take it from the forest/any place.

- Rocks

- In case your tank has a lid with holes like mine, find a plastic sheet. I cut a plastic folder in a half, punched some small holes in it so air will come through, I can still water my plants, and bugs won't escape.
- Eggshells and plant vitamins. You can mix these with the soil to give your plants a bit of a boost!

Step 1: The Ground, Plants and the Bugs

You can find cheap aquariums at your local petshop. If you can't find any, Amazon has some awesome ones.
You can also use a jar. If you want me to do a tutorial on jar terrariums, please let me now!
Make sure it's clean before you start.

Put your small stones on the bottom of the tank, spread them out evenly so the entire bottom is covered.
The small stones are for the roots of your plants, they have something to grab onto, rocks also make sure there is space for water, this way the soil won't turn into complete mud.
Now add your soil. If you have any eggshells laying around, crush them and mix them with the soil, this is great for your plants! They provide calcium and other nutrients, your plants will grow strong and healthy.
Make sure the layer of soil is not too thin, your plants will be happier with a thicker layer.

I got all of my plants/moss from the forest and my own garden. Even the smallest little plants can be used.
I live in a very rainy country, all the plants here love water.
If you live in a dry area, I advise you buy your plants. You don't want cacti in there!

I did not mean to keep bugs in mine, but some bugs traveled with the plants.
All bugs are satisfying to watch. Especially ants.
If you choose to keep ants, remember to bring at least ten. They are group animals and like to be together.
You can also bring spiders, worms any creepy crawler you might find!
Do not use snails, they will eat your plants.

Step 2: Home Sweet Home!

Now is time to give your plants and your bugs their home.
Plants go first!

Dig small holes in the soil and put your plants on your desired place. if the roots aren't completely covered, add some soil.
You can also add some bigger stones, this will give your ecosystem a beautiful look!
Once your plants and stones are placed, add some moss on top of the soil, use some water to make it stick.
Moss gives it a beautiful look.

Now add your bugs. You can place a piece of fruit in there to keep them distracted.

If your lid has holes like mine, get a plastic sheet, punch a lot of small holes in it.
Now place it on top of the tank, and place the lid on top. Easy as that!

Step 3: Taking Care

Taking care of your little ecosystem is not hard, there isn't much you have to do.
Keep it moist by watering, keep your bugs satisfied by leaving some small pieces of fruit in there.
All you have to do is watch it grow and become a beautiful piece of nature.

Here are some tips:
- Rain water is better for your moss/plants.
- Use different types of fruit every now and then, to keep them happy!
- Make sure it gets sunlight, don't place it in a dark room.
- A glass aquarium with a light makes it look even more amazing!
- Aquarium decorations, like small castles or pieces of wood will give it something extra

I hope you liked this small tutorial!



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