Naughty Plush Coal Stocking Stuffer




Introduction: Naughty Plush Coal Stocking Stuffer

Here's a cheap fun little stocking stuffer for all the people who have been naughty. really who hasn't been a little naughty through year? Make them small make them large. I like to make these nice and small to emulate a real piece of little coal.

Step 1: Materials

·3”x3” Piece of Black Felt

·Black Thread

·Sewing Needle

·Embroidery Needle

·Yarn (or embroidery thread) (Can be substituted w/ White paint) See step 5)



Step 2: Embroider Felt

1.Sew the word COAL into 1 of the pieces of black felt.

( If your embroidery skills suck like mine SKIP this step and go to Step 5)

Step 3: Join Squares Together

1.Sew the two squares of felt together.

2.Make sure that the word COAL is facing the INSIDE as you sew the pieces together.

3.Sew ONLY 3 sides to leave room to stuff your piece of COAL.

Step 4: Flip & Stuff

1.Flip piece of COAL inside out so the word COAL is now facing out.

2.Stuff the piece of COAL with the stuffing.

Step 5: Sew Seam Shut

1.Push stuffing completely inside the coal

2.Fold the flaps of the opening in.

3.Sew seam together.

4.Tie off seam

5.(optional) if you didn’t embroider COAL into one of the pieces of felt you can use Acrylic or Fabric Paint to write COAL.

6.Let Dry

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    7 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Gonna put one of these in my sister's stocking this year


    10 years ago on Introduction

    These are really cool. I think though that in making these I'll leave an edge open and use them as a pouch to put stocking treats inside. Then put flap and a button hole or velcro on the one end to make it close.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very cute, I know a couple of people that may be deserving of one of these.