Nautical Seersucker Sundress

Introduction: Nautical Seersucker Sundress

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The only fabric patterns I usually like are striped or dotted, so I naturally adore seersucker fabric. I wanted to make a cute and comfortable sundress for spring and summer. And seeing that the Dream It, Draw It, Wear It Contest prize was a new Wacom tablet, I knew I had to come up with something! Please vote for the design it you like it. I really need that Wacom tablet!

*Edit: My lovely friend, who is much better at making patterns and sewing, helped me make a quick prototype dress. I included it in the main picture!

Thank you for voting these into the Dream It, Draw It, Wear It Contest Finals!

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Step 1:

I am new to Sketchbook Pro, but it looked like a very useful program to work with, so I downloaded the free trial.

My first sketch started a little rough. I used the Pencil and Symmetry Y (Y key) to make each side even, but the lines were a little shaky, even using my old drawing tablet. I was drawing in Free mode, so I decided to turn on Steady Stroke mode instead.

I erased my first attempt with the Eraser tool. You can resize the brush size with the [ ] bracket keys.

With Steady Stroke on, my second drawing turned out a lot smoother, but it still needed a little refining.

By holding down the Shift key as I am drawing, I am able to make some of the necessary lines straight.  Now that I am happy with the shape, I can start on the fabric design.

Step 2:

The fabric I had picked out is a blue and white seersucker. I used the Line tool to start creating blue lines to go on the dress, remembering to hold down shift to get straight lines. I selected a blue color from the color palette and opened a new Layer to put the stripes on, so I didn't accidentally erase part of the dress design if I screwed up.

With Symmetry Y still turned on, I am able to get even lines of both sides and do half the work! Once I got all the stripes on, I was pretty satisfied with the design, but I wanted to add a little detail on the bottom of the arm straps. Blue and white stripe feels very nautical to me, so I decided to add an anchor detail. I made a quick vector of an anchor and added that image to the drawing (File>Add Image).  I resized them to fit on the sleeves and added a larger anchor to show the detail.

I added in a note about the dress length using the type tool. Pretty easy stuff!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very adorable. I'd love a dress like this. Are you going to make a pattern of this, like your Portal pajamas?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm still a novice pattern maker, so it might take me awhile to get something put together.