Nautilus Lamp

Introduction: Nautilus Lamp

About: le Libre choix de savoir et de le dire aux outres

For all moments "underwater"....

Step 1: Materials

2 batteries 9volt,


pvc tube(transparent),

led cob(5 watt/18volt),

reed switch(magnetic),

some caoutchouc(from bike weels),

neodymium from hdd to switch on/off,

glass(lens) or plexyglass,

wather......and map to Atlantid.....

Step 2: Build

Simple and easy,connect two batteries in serial mode to obtain 18volt and add the led and reed switch,come back

batteries. build a little pack with the led on front,the switch reed up,like photos.

put the pack inside pvc tube to check dimensions.

Step 3: No Way to Water Inside....

some caoutchouc around the PVC tube and make sure the lens "touch" the cautchou and add again cautchou

like the photos....

it's important to use silicon grease(like materials diving) to make easy this process....

PVC is: 5 cm for o.5 (long 7cm).

if you use Plexiglas is better...

This lamp support diving usage(max 6 bar-50 meters),have 5 watt(equivalent 50watt halogen or 75watt incandescence) with 1 hour an 45 min light.

you can use under rain(sure) with a bike,camping,exploring night snorkeling,photos....

the same process with adequate dimension you can build for camera or big lamp,smartphones......

check first time without object inside,some diving shop have mini hyperbaric chamber to test it...

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