Navigation by the Southern Cross - Scouts Australia

Introduction: Navigation by the Southern Cross - Scouts Australia

This Navigation Board teaches you how to find due South (in the Southern Hemisphere) by drawing an imaginary line down the center of the SOUTHERN CROSS and draw an imaginary line between the POINTER Start; then draw a line off the middle of this line at 90 degrees, at the point where the two imaginary lines cross is the due South.

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Step 1: Materials/Tools/Equiment

You will need the following materials:
    9 mm MDF 900 mm x 450 mm
    3 mm MDF 900 mm x 450 mm
    5 mm Nails
    PVA Glue
    Paints - Black, Red and White (old house paints or sample pots at the local hardware store are perfect)
    Masking Tape

    Safety Glasses
    Ear Protection

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting Your Timber

Step 1, cut the 9 mm MDF board in half to make 2 "450 mm x 450 mm" project boards,

Step 2, draw the overall design on the project board in pencil to determine the size of the stars,

Step 3, transfer the star design to the 3 mm MDF board and cut out each star,

Step 3: Paining and Assembly

Step 4, Paint the project board, the stars and letter "S" the colour to match the finished design,

Step 5, Apply PVA Glue to the back of each star and then nail on to the project board. You will need to touch up the paint slightly after you have completed the assembly,

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Step 6, Using the masking tape, make two even rows of tape with a gap in the middle, and then place tape across this like a train track exposing the location where you want to pain the imaginary lines. To get maximum sharpness for the Dashed Red Lines, paint with white first.

Step 7, Finished...

This Navigation Board was constructed as part of the "Handycraft" & "Bushcraft" Level 1 Badges for Cubs Scouts Australia by my 9yr old son. After he constructed these he just had to practice with a watch to navigate South. This visual aid helped him remember how to navigate for the Bushcraft Badge and taught him great tool skills and a completed wood work project for the Handyworker Badge.

Note: you can always travel North by using this technique and walking the opposite direction. Just as long as you can see the sun...

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