Navratri Fast Special Rajgira Halwa | Rajgira Sheera | राजगिरा का हलवा English Subtitle

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Rajgira halwa is a delicious recipe for halwa (Indian sweet dish).

It is an Indian sweet dish. It is mainly used during fasting like Navratri festival.

** One of the ingredient Amaranth flour you will easily find in Online stores or Indian stores or Mexican stores.

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Step 1: INGREDIENTS (For 1 Medium Size Bowl As Shown in Video)

  • Amaranth flour (rajgira cup) - 1 small cup
  • Clarified butter (ghee) - 6 tbsp to 1/2 small bowl
  • ** Amarnath flour you will find in Online stores or Indian stores or Mexican stores.
  • Cashews and Raisin to garnish.
  • Water 1 cup Sugar 1/2 small bowl

Step 2: Cooking

For easy audio and video instructions, please watch below video,

First heat water.In the meantime add ghee (clarified butter to the pan) on medium flame. Once heated add Amaranth flour to the pan. Now stir slowly. Ensure no lumps are getting created and while adding you need to stir continuously as shown. Roast till color start changing to light brown. Keep pressing in between as shown to ensure no lumps are getting created. Now add the hot water slowly and while adding water keep stirring as shown so that no lumps are getting created. Keep cooking till clarified butter starts separating. Once ghee starts separating add sugar and mix well. Make sure you are keeping flame medium else halwa will burn. Now our halwa is ready. We will transfer it to the serving bowl. Garnish it with Cashews, raisins. You can also add almonds to garnish. If you liked the recipe then please LIKE, SHARE the video and please subscribe to our channel.

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