Ncr Ranger Wip

Introduction: Ncr Ranger Wip

this is a costume that im making for halloween (you can never start too early). i have been working for 2 days on and off so im almost done. i know the color scheme is off but i dont care im tri'na get it done. might paint later. for this project i used only cardboard and stuff laying around my house though i will have to buy an army helmet.

Step 1: Helmet

im not done with the helmet yet but im almost finished ima get an army hat and some tinted plastic for the eyes.

Step 2: Vest

im done with this i just secure it with a belt across the bottom an one diagonal. the jacket also helps to secure it

Step 3: Laser Pistol

this i made if cardboard and i cut a slot for a marker cap and used that for the fusion cell

Step 4: Holister

the holister i found in a box and attaches to a belt and wraps around the leg.

Step 5: Jacket

i have a black jacket that fits the general style so im using that for the jacket.

Step 6: Suggestions

if you have any suggestions i would love to hear them

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    4 years ago

    im almost done with the costume, i found an old baseball helmet that im gona gring down to the right size.