Ne555n Oscillator!!!!

Introduction: Ne555n Oscillator!!!!

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Here im gonna show you how to Make a Ne555n Oscillator !!!! in a project board!!!!

step by stepp!!!

Step 1: Working!!!


2-5.6k resistor
3-1k resistor
4-100 micro farad capacitor                                                    Enjoy It!!!!
5-330 ohms resitor 
6-9v baterry hack
7-9v battery
8-project board
10-Your Brain!!!

Step 2: Circuit Diagramm!!

Crocodile clips!!

Step 3: Videoo!!!



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    I'm unable to download the PDF ...

    Hi, nice project. I tried making it, but there are a few spots I can't see very well. Could you take more pictures of the circuit in the breadboard?

    few people, if any, can build this circuit without the schematics....consider attaching it to make it appealing in future posts! thanks