Neatly Wrap Cords Without Ties or Tangles





Introduction: Neatly Wrap Cords Without Ties or Tangles

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The goal: a way to wrap up cords (headphones, power, etc.) without ties or Velcro straps that's fast, doesn't come undone, and is quick to undo. Here's one method, any better suggestions?

More guides:

Video showing a slow iPod headphone wrap and unwrap:

Video of power cord wrap:

Step 1: Make Figure 8 Loops...

Leave about 2 figure 8 loops of wire left to wrap around the middle.

Step 2: Wrap Around the Middle a Couple Times

The key to this whole method is crossing the wire over itself in the first middle wrap. Otherwise the whole thing will easily come undone.

Step 3: String the Loose End Thru the Loop...

Step 4: Give a Quick a Pull to Secure

Step 5: Voila!



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    Thank you, you have enlightened us all. seriously. you just helped me alot. HAIL TO THE ONE WHO CAN TIE CORDS!!!!!

    > [ RichardBronosky ]
    > The demonstration form the Sprint
    > Wait Less campaign was the final
    > word on the matter as far as I'm
    > concerned: http://. . .

    Example of the kind of comment that embellishes the OP by tuning in to the same frequency and contributing to our collective knowledge of the subject, whether the subject is astrophysics or kitty litter.

    > Easy use a tie that comes on a
    > loaf of bread.

    Example of a doofus with brain damage.

    1 reply

    let me explain: easy; you could instead use one of the types of ties commonly found on the outside of a bread package (I'm assuming a zip tie)...


    Why don't I just make my self something to wrap the earphones around?

    i preferred not to coil wrap to any thing wiich contain long wires becoz after too many wraps it may leads to broken wires from inside.......

    The demonstration form the Sprint Wait Less campaign was the final word on the matter as far as I'm concerned.

    Doesn't everyone wrap their cords this way? I've been doing it this way my whole life...

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    One way to improve upon this is to wrap the cord in a figure eight style. Then, fold it in half. and then finish by tying it off in the same fashion. The figure eight cancels each twist in the cord with the reverse loop. Thus, when you unravel it you have a perfectly straight cord.

    there is a commercial fig8 organizer at Best for small cords like earphones.

    Isn't it easier to tie with rubber band or short wire ?

    wow, thats how i do it myself, ever since a few years ago i was just messing around and figured out that very same way. but now i dont use ear buds, just regular headphones.

    With cords and ropes, when they are long enough, while making the loops, while I still have enough length left, I take the long end and lay it back where it came from, then  wrap that new loop end around the middle and tuck the new looped end through the end loop, which leaves a loop which yu can hang it by.

     i like it =]
    just today i had to untangle all of my pens and pencils from my headphones with this it will never happen again! huzzah!!