Necklace Bag, With Bracelet

Here’s how to make a simple bag that hangs on your neck, for easy, on-the-go access to your things.

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Step 1: Bag

Take a piece of fabric, in a square shape, and fold. Fold it horizontally, then vertically. Glue it together until there is only one hole, for the pocket

Step 2: Necklace

Take a metal necklace chain and glue it to the back of the bag. Then glue the same type of chain with the same length to the opposite side of the bag.

Step 3: Lobster Clasp

Glue the end of one of the chain to the small of a lobster clasp. Repeat to the other chain. Check to make sure it fits on your neck.

Step 4: Optional: Bracelet

Take a string that fits around your wrist, and tie one end of it to a lobster clasp. Hot glue the knot to keep it together. Then, add beads. Knot the other end to another lobster clasp and hot glue it.

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    Fun jewelry project. You should definitely enter this into the Pocket Sized contest.