Necklace BecAl

Introduction: Necklace BecAl

A necklace made of:
- Al radiator of a video card,
- a mini bulb,
- one sheet of inside HDD reader/writer thing
- 2 star screws

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Step 1: Components Choosing

- one small old lightbulb
- one part of inside HDD reader/writer
- aluminium radiator of an old video card

Step 2: Drawing Lines for Drilling/milling

Drew the lines for milling/drilling in the radiator and measured the length of necessary lightbulb base.
(just put the hdd thing on the radiator and drew the inside circle for the bulb and the two needed holes for screwing the whole thing)

Step 3: Drilling/milling/cutting

Cut the lightbulb and drilled the holes in the radiator (tried more technics for making the big hole but the classic drilling did the job best)

Step 4: Assembling Pieces Together

Screw all things together with two star screws and put the chain.

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    Thanks alot!
    i did a lot of wearables like this. I'll try to make guides for those that I have enough photos.


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