Necklace From Old/Broken Pocket Watch

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In this instructable I will teach you a way to make a unique necklace out of an old/broken pocket watch.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

an old or broken pocket watch


necklace chain

Step 2: Opening Your Pocket Watch

If your pocket watch is a snapback like mine, you will need to pry it open with tweezers/pliers. Turn it over and look for a small opening. Put the pointed edge of pliers in it to open the pocket watch case.

Step 3: Start Taking Parts Out

The first thing I took out was a white and gray plastic piece.

Step 4: Take Out the Clock Face

When you remove the clock face, you can get the clock hands.

Step 5: Remove the Clock Hands

Use the pliers to remove the clock hands.

Step 6: Customize the Clock Face

Put the clock hands in the pocket watch case. You can customize the clock face by painting it or putting stickers on it. I used pliers to take off the top layer of the clock face.

Step 7: Take Apart the Other Watch Pieces

I removed the watch battery and little metal parts.

Step 8: Put All the Pieces in the Case

After you are done removing the pocket watch pieces, place them in the case.

Step 9: Replace the Clock Face

Put the clock face back into the pocket watch case.

Step 10: Put the Back Piece Into the Watch

I put the plastic piece back into the pocket watch so the clock face wouldn't be loose.

Step 11: Close the Case

I snapped the back of the pocket watch on the case to close it.

Step 12: Finish It Off

Just put a necklace chain on it and you're done!



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