Necklace to Store Key, Earbuds, Mad Money or Anything Small



This is a child's necklace with a very obvious storage compartment. 

1.  Start with paracord - braid your own or buy premade for the necklace. 
2.  You will need two pieces of Velcro and an Altoids Smalls tin. I prefer the self-adjesive Velcro.  
3.  Use the "soft" piece of Velcro to wrap around the paracord so it will be worn in the front (opposite the closure).  Folded in half, it should be a little smaller than the footprint of the Altoids tin.
4.  Cut the "hook" piece of Velcro just smaller than the Altoids tin.  Glue or affix to the back of the tin.

When you join the two pieces of Velcro, your Altoid tin become a storage locket to hold a spare key, earbuds, mad money or other small item.



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