Necklaces in a Frame!

Introduction: Necklaces in a Frame!

You need:
- An old frame (I used an old cork board I got at the Goodwill Store because it had thicker grooves inside to fit my branches)
- Branches or sticks
- Sandpaper
- Paint
- Clear coat
- Hammer and small nails
- Hanging apparatus (available at the craft store)
- Optional decorative items (I used a bird)

1. Remove the backing and insides of the frame carefully. This may leave the structure of the frame a little unstable, so just add some nails to the corners to make it sturdy again.
2. Sand the frame down so that it will take your wood-friendly paint, then wipe the dust off with a dry towel and paint it with as many coats as necessary.
3. Once dry, spray with the clear coat according to the directions on the spray can. Allow it to dry.
4. Attach the hanging fixture to the top of the frame if necessary. (You may have had to remove it when you took the other parts of your frame off.)
5. Trim your branches to the fit in your frame. Once they are in a good place (make sure that you will be able to hang a couple different lengths of necklace) use some small nails to hammer the branches in securely.
6. Attach any decorative items, hang your frame, and hang your necklaces!

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