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Introduction: Necktie Hanger

Working in an office requires me to wear, at least four days a week, a businessman's uniform.  This situation requires me also to have a number of neckties so that I am able to express my creativity and style.  I was going to say taste, but I know what kind of comments I would get for writing that. LOL.

After many years of trial and error I discovered that there was one storage method for my neckties and that was the hanger.  My wife found three of these a few years ago and I haven't been able to find any more.  So, I did what any red meat eating male would do, I made my own version.

Before using any tools, read the owners manual and obtain instruction on it's use.  Wear all appropriate personal protection equipment, such as safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, etc. as required for the tools that you are using. 

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

3/4" x 48" round stock
3/16" x 48" poplar dowel
cup hook

(this list varies depending on what you have, can borrow or what your wife will let you buy)
Drill Press
3/16" drill bit
Diagonal Cutters
Table Saw
Scrap wood for jig
Tape measure

Step 2: Working the Round Stock

Cutting to length
I took the 48" length of round stock and cut it in half.  You can do this using whatever method that works for you depending on your tools.  I used my table saw for this.  

I later discovered that the 24" length resulting in the tie holder being too bulky and the ties hanging down too far for my liking, so I later cut the hanger in half.

Making the drilling jig
I needed a way to drill the holes in the round stock without it rolling around so I made a jig.  A jig is a device that allows you to hold your work in place properly and allows repeatability.  In this case, I took a piece of 2x4 dimensional lumber that I had laying about and cut a "V" in the wood.  I tilted my table saw blade to 45 degrees and made two cuts in the 2x4 to cut out the "V".  

Drilling the holes
I attached my jog to the drill press table with another board underneath and screwed together.  I aligned the "V" in the jig to the drill bit center so the holes would be centered in the round stock.  
I also made a mark 1 1/4" from where the drill comes down so I could move the round stock the proper distance without having to measure after each hole or making a dozen marks on the round stock.

Cleaning the round stock and attaching the cup hook
When all the holes were dilled out, I had to clean up the holes a bit with my pocket knife.  You could use sandpaper to do this as well.  I then guessed where the center was on end of the round stock and screwed in the cup hook, I guessed well enough.

Step 3: Preparing the Dowel

I measured the bought necktie hangers and concluded that I would need the dowels to be cut at 4 7/8" long to provide the appropriate length for holding my neckties.  I was thinking of using my miter saw, but decided on simply using a pair of large diagonal cutters instead.  The Poplar dowel is soft enough that I was able to cut the dowel to length rather quickly. 

After you have all the lengths that you require, you may need to clean up the ends.  The diagonal cutter will provide a crimp  that can simply be "rolled out".  I did this by taking the end of the cut dowel and rolling the end on the workbench to clean the end up.  A couple of dowels needed to be trimmed a bit, I did that with my trusty pocket knife again.

Step 4: Assemble and Hang Ties

This step requires no tools.  Simply insert the dowels into the holes that you drilled in the round stock with your hand.

Hang Ties
To hang your neckties, find the middle of the tie and hang on the dowel. Be careful that the tie doesn't snag on end of the dowel if you didn't do a good job of cleaning up the dowel ends.

The 24" hanger was just too long for my needs, so I wound up cutting it down.  This is why my two home-made hangers are asymmetrical to each other.  For future hangers I would plan to make them the shorter length.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    FYI they actually have them at target for pretty cheap (like $12). it holds 32 ties and it swivels. That's cool too though.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice, a good and useful build. (want one)