Necronomicon (journal/videogame Case) Prop

Introduction: Necronomicon (journal/videogame Case) Prop

this will be the perfect prop for your necromancer, witch, por sorcerer costume

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Step 1: What You Need

paint,cardboard,masking tape,scissors,rope is all you will need

Step 2: Creating the Book

this is the hardest step
just remember this es a guide you can design it as you want

Step 3: Details

I'm giving you some ideas I used (if you add something more please send your pictures) es by your own creativity that you add or remove details

Step 4: Paint It

to paint it I covered it all with small ripped pieces of masking to give a terrorific detail again the colors are your own decission

for the scar before you add the rope paint it then when the black paint is wet add a layer of dark red to add a bloody effect (just an option)

Step 5: Any Question?

just ask me if you don't understand something

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