Needle Felting Bird DIY: Chickadee



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Hi, today I am going to show you how to make needle felting bird.

I made a Chickadee bird.This is my second project on needle felting.This project is easy and super fun. But I would not recommend this project for kids. This project is not for kids. You need to be very careful while needle felting or serious accident can happen.So be careful while doing the project.For this needle felting project all the needle felting kit and felting wools I bought from Amazon.


1Felting needle

2 Felting pad

3)Felting Wool

4) Wire (For bird leg)

5) Black beads or eye (For birds eye)

6)Foam ball(For birds body)

7)Hot glue

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Step 1: Making Needle Felting Bird

First I used 2 foam balls one is big another one is little smaller, then I joined it together as birds head and body then I wrap it with the wool and using needle make the bird body shape. Then separately make the beaks, wings, and tail with the wool. And then joined the beaks, tail, and wings to the body. Then using that wire makes bird legs and attached that legs to the bird's body.And then using that black beads make the bird's eyes.

And you are done your project is ready. I hope you like this video. Please subscribe my channel and share my video.



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