Needle Through Balloon Revealed

About: Frivolous Engineering is the end result of a hobby that got out of hand.

Not a trick or an illusion: this is real! A normal balloon is examined and blown up by a spectator and then a long needle is plunged through the balloon without popping it. Learn how to do this amazing feat. No scotch tape or any gimmicks.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    As an alternative to a drop of oil, I discovered that Vaseline will also work. Coat the needle with a thin coating of Vaseline. And a knitting needle works just as well.

    This is not surprising because Vaseline is a petroleum oil based product.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i once did this at school. it first popped because there was not enough stuff of it.

    That was very quick of you to try this had the big needle and latex balloons on hand did ya? ;-) This does require some practice...try just poking one end using a regular but very sharp needle, as described.

    i used a regular balloon, with a needle like the one you use in the video. the balloon poped. ill try to get my hand on a latex balloon, where can you get them? would a comdom work?

    Hehehe....I'm not sure, don't have any to test it out. Craft stores, hobby shops, and florests may have them. Look for balloons that aren't colored, but are kind of flesh tone. As a last resort, magic shops stock these balloons. I know that regular balloons will work, you just can't blow them up very big. Practice with a balloon that is barely blown up...if it keeps popping the needle may need to be sharpened, and smooth along it's length.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool. I wonder how much money I can win using this trick. Thanks :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is really neat. It's very surprising that the balloon doesn't just pop right away, but seeing is believing. Thanks for the instructions!

    The needle needs to be extremely sharp, and smooth. Use emery cloth or a sharpening stone every so often to re-sharpen. Don’t blow the balloon up very big when your practicing…gradually increase the size of the balloon until you get good and figure out just how big the balloon can be blown up. Natural latex balloons work much better than regular balloons. Look for balloons like in the video. I got the 18 inch needle and the balloons from a magic shop, but nothing magic about it…