Needle Threading for Humans




This short Instructable will allow you to teach ANYONE to thread a needle.   "The student creates artworks by applying media, techniques, and processes to formulate and express his or her own ideas and conceptual understandings (National Standard 1).
Experiencing the role of the artist, each student applies media, techniques, and processes in order to develop basic skills and increase confidence."

Step #1: Hold the needle horizontally with one hand and the yarn in the other hand.

Step #2: Loop the yarn over the shaft of the needle.

Step #3: Create a loop of yarn with your forefinger and thumb; hold tightly and slide off the needle.

Step #4: Saw (moving the loop of yarn horizontally back and forth) the loop of yarn through the eye of the needle.

Step #5:  Pull the shorter end of the yarn through the eye.

Step #6:  Sew!  Create!  Enjoy!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! This how I teach all my elementary artists to thread a needle.
    I hope it helps!
    Thanks for looking at my instructable.