Negan Walking Dead Pumpkin

Introduction: Negan Walking Dead Pumpkin

Items needed:
Large pumpkin
Basic pumpkin carving kit from the super market
Bin bag
Lots of time!

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Step 1: Print Stencil

By googling 'Negan Pumpkin' several stencils come up. However you could go down the route of using a photo and working where the light hits the face to where the pumpkin will need to be carved. This is the basic structure for the pumpkin

Step 2: Carve Out the Stencil

Using a craft knife cut out each of the bits which will be removed from the pumpkin. The edges do not have to be neat, just enough for you to draw a basic shape.

Step 3: Put Up Against Pumpkin.

The bigger the better pumpkin sizes as the detail on a larger stencil is much easier to cut out.

Step 4: Cut Out Bottom and Hollow

Cutting out a bottom on roughly a 45 degree angle makes it much easier than removing the top as the candles are more accessible and will prevent burns. Scoop out all the insides as best as you can to leave a perfect, hollow shell.

Step 5: Make a Well for the Tealights

Tealights work best in pumpkins with the shell as the wax has no where to melt to so tends to last much longer and without cooking the pumpkin. Trace around the tealights on the non skin side lid you have removed on the previous step.

Step 6: Trace on Pattern

Put the pumpkin back up right and tape on your design on the flattest face of the pumpkin. Using a permenant marker trace around the cut out.

Step 7: Cut the Design

After removing the stencil, using a pumpkin carving knife that can be bought from most local super markets cut the design on a 90 degree angle. There may be some adjustments that need to be made so have your picture of the original design next to you.

Step 8: Clean

Wipe the pumpkin design over carefully to remove any excess juice.

Step 9: Don't Worry!

The design looks a little odd to start off with when the tealights are not in and the light is on. Don't panic. This isn't unusual as the design will come through when tealights are on.

Step 10: Turn It On

Put the tealights into the pumpkin and when it's dark, light them up and assemble the pumpkin correctly. Let the magic come to life and Negan will appear. Keep the baseball bats hidden though!

This same technique can be applied to different designs, not just Negan. As shown in the photos above.

If at any point the design comes off or bits fall off, don't panic and simply put them back on using cocktail sticks.

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