Negative Tilt Angle Keyboard Stand for Temporary Standing Desk

Introduction: Negative Tilt Angle Keyboard Stand for Temporary Standing Desk

Most standing desks on instructables are built to a height close to mid stomach, so your elbows bend at a 90 degree angle to reach the keyboard.  After some experimenting with position I have come to prefer a lower desk, one at groin height, with the keyboard held a negative angle of 22 degrees. 

The keyboard stand combined with a high monitor stand provide a comfortable arm and head position.  It can also be moved out of the way, converting back to a regular desk

The lower stand is an adjustable piano / keyboard stand, another instructable had an ironing board, I believe it would provide similar functionality. A weight is spread across the base to increase stability.

Sitting on top of the stand is a Foam Board platform. 

The keyboard is a Logitech Wireless Wave and it's curved shape holds it into an upside down Helper Shelf. The keyboard angles at 22 degrees and I find it easy to type with.

The monitor is a Dell with an adjustable height stand. It is on a custom built monitor stand where the lowered monitor is at sitting eye level.

Standing and having the monitor rotated 90 degrees is very useful for working with long documents.


Adjustable Metal Piano / Keyboard Stand 
 - set at 36" 

2 Pieces of Presentation Foam Board (Ghost Line Foam Board)
 - Cut to 18" x 28"
 - 4 small Binder Clips hold the Foam Board together, creating a rigid surface

Upside Down Metal Helper Shelf  (Found ) or
Upside Down Freezer Shelf from a Refrigerator
 - Wide:     8 1/2"
 - Length: 11 1/2" 
 - Height:   4 1/2" 

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