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About: I am electronics engineer. Currently working in the High voltage direct current field. There is no better feeling than making something. And if you run in to some problems in the project, after trouble shoot...

So this is going to be more a food for thought kind of thing, rather than full blown instructable due to the ease of the so called "project".

As many, i dreamed a long time ago about some kind of a CNC based machine, which would be precise and fun to use. So when i got the chance to test out NEJE DK 8 KZ, i was stoked. if you want to check out the engraver go to .

So long days have passed till i got my machine, and boy oh boy for such a simple purpose, it sure did made me happy, and busy at the same time, testing it trying to engrave each and every possible material to be carved with this 1000 mW laser.

So naturally one day i found my self in disbelief, when it suddenly stopped carving those precise pictures in to the materials which before it would attack with ease.

Tried what seems to me everything i could. I took the machine apart, tried to find some cold solder points. Why i don't know, since besides the fact that it would not leave a mark, everything else would function. But the DIY'er in me thought that maybe something is wrong there.

I cleaned the laser, thinking maybe the beam is not focused to the max, or it got dusty and greasy. But no... it did not help. I even got professional fiber optic cleaning kit from work, just to be really really sure. And no... it did not help.

All the google searches would lead to the same place... expensive laser fixing company for medical lasers... and thats it... maybe crystal got misaligned? Maybe, but my knowledge on the laser fixing ended up there.

Like a drowning man i tried to catch a last straw, maybe the lense somehow got damaged. So it is not focussing it properly? I ordered one... for couple of $ thinking it might be the magical solution.

Sadly, i did not....

By the way if you want to check out my initial review and tutorial how to get it going on the MAC check the video in this step, for the how i fixed it go to step 1 :)

Step 1: Step 1: Admitting You Have a Problem

So it comes with no surprise, that the only conclusion was to swap the laser with a new one :)

So short search online, and i ordered mine. Prices ranges from 16-20 $ and above for the same item. So it is your choice from where to get it. But in most cases it is going to be shipping from our beloved CHINA so don't hold you breath, you will have to wait :)

Replacing laser it is so straightforward and easy that i even feel silly explaining. But hey, sometimes it helps to know.

So to get access you need to remove top plate. Which is simple enough, you just have to remove 10 screws. Be careful, nuts are not glued in place, only friction held, so you can loose them. But anyway, take out 4 screws from the top, 2 from the back plate in the top corners, and 4 screws from the front plate two upper corner ones, and two below them. The last 2 are to loosen the front plate, so you can wigle the fixing noches out form the holes, ant take the top plate of. But don't throw it, it has button connected to the circuit board :D So after that it is as simple as taking tha plug out and removing laser from its housing, by unscrewing two bolts.

Replace new laser by going backwards in steps.

You are done :) Congrats you have a working laser again (I HOPE)

Step 2: Why to Make So Short Instructable?

So, i was wondering if to put it right here or not... But as some things, sometimes it is hard to realize the simplest solution. Which is just to replace some parts. In this case the major one, but non the less. I have seen people commenting and trying to find magic fix, like maybe it will fix it self after some time. Nope. sometimes you just have to spend some $ but be up and running again. OK. Hope the story helps you

Cheers :)



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Question 2 months ago

Hi everyone, how much time can last a laser head ? thank you ^^


Question 5 months ago

Hi, I have a dk-8-fkz 1500mW machine. Works well enough. I thank you for taking the time to show this fix. Here is the big Q. Will the motherboard on this machine work with the higher powered neje laser tubes? They have upto a 3000mW. I’m thinking about the upgrade. All the plugs match, the +/-, and s t ( I believe this is for temp monitoring).


Question 6 months ago on Introduction

hi, my laser wont burn for the second time. my first try it worked. but when i wanna engraved the next same exact paper it wont burn. how can i make it work? i've adjusted the focal length but it didn't work too.


9 months ago


i want to engrave metal, how can i make it work?


Question 11 months ago

I want to engrave text on wallets. Would someone please recommend a reliable laser but inexpensive engraver.

The NEJE laser engravers seem cheap but does anyone recommend them?

1 answer

Answer 11 months ago

You can use them, but engraving area is quite small.And it is not super fast. trying align it if you decide to split it in two engravings would be very hard. Things such as cheap and good, hardly exist. Try to see what could be bought in our friendly Chinese sites. But the best bet, would be try to find something second hand locally.


Question 11 months ago on Introduction


Unable to burn bottom right hand corner of image with my DK 8 engraver. Ok on small images' This is the image of the Russian Eagle. Bottom right claw is deformed with parts missing. HELP

I am very new to this by the way. Thanks

1 answer

Reply 11 months ago

Hi, i never had this problem. I font know what could be wrong, maybe at this angle wires are disconnecting. Maybe there is a broken wire or something. Hard to say.


Reply 11 months ago

dissasemble the cd rom. I guess it should be the same.


Question 1 year ago

I have a same problem with you. So what is the name of that laser part? Can you give me the link to buy it?


2 years ago

Is it possible to replace it with a more powerful laser to engrave other materials?

Could you please provide a link (or some keywords to search for) to a laser that will work?


1 reply

Reply 2 years ago

Hi, i have seen lasers for this engraver up to 1500 mW, although this is 50% stronger, you cannot really etch something more, like metal, glass stone etc. All it would achieve is faster engraving time.

Most stronger lasers are 12V. while this laser uses 5V, theoretically you could rig something up with voltage step up, but price of stronger lasers are so high that you would be better of buying stronger engraver all together and having much more bigger engraving space.