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Introduction: Neo Cortex Plushie

Watch or scroll below to see how to make this Neo Cortex Plushie!

Here is the pattern link :-

It took me around 15 hours in total for drawing the pattern, cutting and sewing everything

It should take much less time following the instructions here though! It's really simple despite looks - so don't be afraid to give it a go if you love everything Crash Bandicoot!

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Step 1: Pattern

Download, print and cut out the body and head pattern

Step 2: Cutting

Cut out all the pieces using the pattern. Either pin your pattern onto the felt and cut around or use a marker to trace around

Step 3: Sewing the Body

When all your pieces are cut out you can start sewing!

Begin with the two largest white pieces. Sew the red N, the red strip and the collar onto the front of your body piece

Step 4: Sewing the Body

Then get your four glove pieces

If you used marker you should have traced two pieces with the pattern the right way, and then turned the pattern around to trace two more glove pieces.

Put the good sides in facing each other and blanket stitch around the outside

Then use a pencil and flip it the right way

Step 5: Sewing the Body

Next you'll sew the two small white strips onto the sleeve of the body

Make sure you're always sewing on the bad side when attaching pieces so you hide all the stitches.

See photos for help :)

Step 6: Sewing the Body

With the strips attached to the sleeve, the next step is to attach the glove. Tuck the glove into the body of the plush. Make sure the thumbs are pointing down towards the feet when inserting the glove.

I used a pencil to open up the arm and keep it still while I sewed

Sew using a blanket stitch all around the outside of the arm

Then you can flip it the right way.

Step 7: Sewing the Body

Next, sew the two grey pieces onto the places shown in the photos. The smaller rectangle is for the shirt and the larger one is sewn onto the belt

The belt can then be sewn onto the body piece using a blanket stitch

Step 8: Sewing the Legs Part 1

Get the four white leg pieces

Sew the longest sides together using a blanket stitch. Flip them the right way round and sew the smaller white strips to the bottom of the leg (Adding detail to the pants)

Step 9: Sewing the Legs Part 2

So grab the red rectangle pieces

Put one small piece and one large piece and blanket stitch around

Also trim a section off the oval red piece as shown in the photo

Step 10: Sewing the Legs Part 3

Next sew the black sole piece to the longest red rectangle (Make sure you're always sewing on the bad side, unlike me who actually sewed this bit wrong but I didn't think it was terrible enough to redo!)

Then blanket stitch the black and red oval pieces together. Lastly sew the top of the shoe and the ankle part of the shoe together. Then turn it the right way and stuff! :D

Step 11: Sewing the Legs Part 4

Use a hidden stitch to sew the red shoe to the white leg. I kept a pencil wedged to help me sew evenly.

Once you've got the legs sewn, you can place them inside the body that is bad side out, making sure the foot is placed towards the front of the body (See photo) so that when you turn it the right way out the feet will be facing the front normally. I used a blanket stitch to sew the two legs to the body.

And now the body is almost completed!

Step 12: Sewing the Body

Put the limbs inside the body of the plushie (see first photo here)

Then use a blanket stitch to sew all the open sides

I used a hidden ladder stitch to sew the top of the arms together because it was too difficult to flip the plush from the neck. Make sure you leave the neck unsewn.

Stuff Neo's body well once sewn!

Step 13: Sewing the Face

Begin by placing all the facial pieces onto the yellow head to see where everything needs to be sewn

Start with sewing the N onto his forehead. Then sew the pupil onto the white of the eye and then sew the white onto the black of the eye, making sure you leave a black line around the outside

Step 14: Sewing the Face

Next sew on the eyebrows. Making sure there is a gap between the two ends.

Then you'll need to sew the lips in the middle of the beard using a hidden stitch. The beard will then be stitched to the face with the hair hanging over. I stuffed the lips lightly to give it a bit of depth.

Step 15: Sewing the Face

Next get your two bad sides of the nose and blanket stitch around. Flip it the right way then stuff lightly. Sew this between the eyes, above the beard.

Do the same for the ears, also lightly stuffing and sew to the side of the head

Step 16: Sewing the Head

Now the face is completed!

So to finish this off we'll need to make the hair, sew that on and sew the cube-ish shape of Neo's head.

Start by sewing the smallest rectangle to the top of the forehead

Blanket stitches for all these pieces***

Step 17: Sewing the Hair

Putting the head aside for now, we can make the hair

Grab the back head piece and begin to sew the large black piece to it. Only sew the top and bottom, not the sides so that you can stuff it and attach the front hair pieces to it later. (See photos)

Next grab the two smaller black pieces (these are indicated by the x1 on the sides of the pattern) and sew around the hair (Again, making sure to sew on the bad sides of the hair)

Then flip these the good way round. And stuff. Leave the back of the head for now :)

Step 18: Sewing the Head (continue)

Grab the two long yellow rectangles next to sew onto the sides of Neo's head.

Now is also the time you can sew the hair that sticks up on his forehead. Backstitch around, leaving a gap. Then flip it the right way using a pencil and stuff. Use a ladder stitch to close it up. Make a few knots in the hair piece at the bottom and secure it to the top of the forehead, between the seam of the head and small rectangle piece

I stretched out the thread and tied it into the beard so it had some support and didn't flop down. (see photos!)

Then just continue sewing around the head. You may need to do some trimming so it all fits together nicely.

Step 19: Sewing the Head

The final part for the head is to sew the back to the front

Tuck the ears on the good side. And pin it closed, making sure the little hair pieces are also tucked inside. Have the side of the hair, where the stuffing should be protruding, aligned with the front of the head so you can sew those two bits together on both sides. (See pictures if this doesn't make sense)

Then flip the head out and stuff it REALLY well because Neo has a HUGE head :D :P (ha ha)

Step 20: Sew the Head Onto the Body

Lastly you'll need to sew the head onto the body. My stitches were pretty messy but at least they're hidden enough!

I don't know an easy way to attach heads, Mine are always terrible sorry!

Step 21: Finished ^.^

Thanks, hope you like it :)

Feedback is appreciated.

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