Neo Egg Timer

Introduction: Neo Egg Timer

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I wanted to find a practical use for a NeoPixel ring.

I decided to make a boiled egg timer!

The NeoPixel rings are so easy to drive with an arduino and there are lots of very good examples on the web.

I modified the code from [NeoPixel Ring simple sketch (c) 2013 Shae Erisson]. Its a sketch which shows off what is possible with these rings.

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Step 1: Hardware

This is such a simple project using very few components.

Parts list

Arduino Pro Mini ( although any Arduino will work)

24 led NeoPixel Ring

2 x Push to Make momentary switches (Green button for start - red for stop / reset)

1 x buzzer (any 5v buzzer you can get hold of)

1 x AA (x3 battery) holder with switch to give 4.5v (I also used this as the stand)

1 project box - I used an old vitamin pill container.

Holt melt glue gun or sticky stuff.

Connecting it up.....

Connect the green switch between Pin 2 & ground.

Connect the red switch between reset & ground.

Connect the NeoPixel ring to 5v supply & ground with the IN connected to pin 6

Step 2: The Software and Operation

Upload the sketch & switch on.

Initially the leds with chase Blue & Red.

Press the green switch to start the timer. This initiates the interrupt routine


The bottom led shows green to indicate the timer has started.

Each led is set to show white at 7 second intervals.You may wish to change this!

7 seconds after the bottom green led turns white, the buzzer sounds intermittently and the leds chase white, red and blue until the red switch is pressed or the power is switched off.


Turn the timer on.

Place the room temperature eggs into boiling water.

Press the green button.

When alarm sounds, press red button

Removed perfectly cooked boiled eggs :-)

Switch off timer.

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Thank You :-)

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