Neon Leopard Print Hand Art



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This jungle infused hand art design was inspired by a nail art design as created by British nail artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade. Get ready to let your hands go wild over this 80s inspired creation!

Note: This design was inspired by a nail art design by British artist Sophie Harris-Greenslade from the book Nail Art by Helen Biggs (I bought this book from 5 Below for only $4).

Step 1: Start With White

First, I started off with white all over the back of the hand. I usually want to put 2 coats of white at least to make the color more opaque. This will also help to bring out the brightness of the neon colors that will be used.

Step 2: Create Spots

Now, to make the spots, I began with a bright yellow, creating random spots all over the hand.

Then, I chose a bright neon pink as my contrast to create more spots on random areas of the hand.

Then, I went into my bright green and neon blue, again making random spots all over the hand.

Finally, I added bright purple to any of the left over areas on the hand.

Step 3: Add Black

Now, I went into my black and created three random lines around each spot. To do this, make a straight line on top, then curve out the other two lines on either side. Then, I filled in any open areas with one or two small dots to prevent uniformity.

Step 4: Rhinestones

As an added bonus, you can also add a few rhinestones to the hand, like how I did here. To apply, just use a dab of body glue or wet paint, then stick on the rhinestone. You can use as little or as much rhinestones as you Iike, but not too much, as the leopard spots should be the main focal point.

Step 5: Get Wild

Now, it's time to get wild with this awesome leopard print hand art! The neons are so cool that just pop right off the white background. And the hand against the black background, that's even better! You can experiment with this hand art using different colors and rhinestones to create a custom look!



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