Neon Sign LEDs



Introduction: Neon Sign LEDs

This is a simple representation of the classic movie effect of a neon sign that flickers to signify a run down sort of vibe:

I used some leds and and arduino to achieve this effect.

Step 1: Materials

1x Solderless Breadboard

10x Red LEDs

1x Yellow LED

2x Blue LED

1x Arduino Uno

2x 200 ohm resistor

10x 220 ohm resistor

Wires: red, black, yellow, blue

Step 2: Breadboarding

1. Place the LEDs in a semi ellipsis with 5 each on a half of the breadboard. These LEDs will be connected in parallel in order to control them from the same pin

2. Put in the 220 ohm resistors in the positive rail and black wires into ground.

3. Place the yellow and blue LEDs on opposite sides.

4. Put in the 200 ohm resistors in series and the black wire to ground.

5. Wire two red wires from two pins into the two rails.

6. Wire the ground (black wire) from the GND pin into one ground rail and connect that rail to the other.

7. Connect the blue and yellow LEDs with their matching color wires to a pin each.

Step 3: Coding

The code has three parts.

1. Assigns names to pin numbers for easier reference.

2. Designate those pins as outputs and turn them on.

3. Create a randomized pattern for the flickering light pattern.

The ino file is attached.

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    Nice design. You should build this up into a full scale sign.